Loud + Clear

Step into the world of Loud+Clear Diamond Vapes – where each puff is a flavor-packed journey. Crafted from fresh frozen cannabis, we’re all about bringing you bold, juicy flavors that pop. Ditch the distillate and taste our explosion of high potency flavors that deliver a powerful punch.

High Potency. No Distillate.
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By kdefede, 24 January, 2024

Pink Guava | Sativa | High Potency | No Distillate | Lush, Tropical, Sweet, Tangy, Exotic

Dive into the lush sweetness of Pink Guava. A tropical getaway, it blends sugary notes with a tangy twist, evoking the exotic essence of faraway islands. Each puff is like biting into a ripe, juicy guava, leaving your senses tingling with delight.

By kdefede, 24 January, 2024

Pineapple Cake | Indica | High Potency | No Distillate | Sweet, Pineapple, Creamy, Decadent, Rich Caramel

Dive into the decadence of Pineapple Cake. It’s a luxurious mix of sweet, juicy pineapple and creamy, rich cake flavors. This vape is like a slice of your favorite dessert, delivering a wonderfully indulgent and lush taste experience.

By kdefede, 24 January, 2024

Honey Mango | Hybrid | High Potency | No Distillate | Rich, Honey, Ripe, Summery, Juicy

Savor the rich, honeyed sweetness of Honey Mango. Imagine the velvety texture of ripe mangoes, sun-kissed and bursting with summer flavors. This vape brings a smooth, luxurious mango experience, drizzled with a touch of golden honey.

By kdefede, 24 January, 2024

Cherry Lemonade | Sativa | High Potency | No Distillate | Zesty, Tangy, Sweet, Vibrant, Refreshing

Cherry Lemonade bursts with a vibrant zing. This flavor is a playful dance of tangy lemonade and sweet, ripe cherries, creating a refreshingly zesty experience. Each draw is like sipping on your favorite summer drink, full of life and flavor.

By kdefede, 24 January, 2024

Banana Colada | Indica | High Potency | No Distillate | Creamy, Tropical, Banana, Refreshing, Luscious

Indulge in the creamy dream of Banana Colada. A tropical blend that's both refreshing and comforting, it offers the luscious taste of ripe bananas mixed with a hint of coconut's sweetness. It's like a beach vacation in each puff, rich and smooth.